Fashion house Versace was founded by renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace in 1978. 36 years – seems to be not a lot for the brand, but at such short period of time Versace managed to win wide popularity that seems to exist much longer. Now Versace Group manufactures and sells in the hundreds of boutiques around the world. This brand offers a customer a great variety of luxury accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, household goods and, of course, clothing.

The history of the most recognizable Versace Young line

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It is has to be mentioned, that this brand has won lots of awards, such as «Golden Eye» – (1984, 1990 and 1991) this prize was introduced to him for different collections and special dresses; «Maschera d’Argente» – in 1985 for the contribution to the fashion style of theater, Gianni receives a «silver mask»;«Oscar» – in 1998 Gianni Versace was given this award for substantial contribution to fashion industry of the USA.

Wide variety of lines and Versace Young line

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Versace is also famous for wide variety of goods, which are introduced in different lines of the brand, for example, «Gianni Versace Couture» is the main line of Versace Fashion House. This brand produces jewelry, luxury clothing, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, items of interior made by hand, which were also known as goods of the class of «high-end». This line is really an expensive one, for example, the price of copyright Dress Gianni Versace Couture is worth in the range of 10 thousand dollars, and a suit costs about five thousand dollars.

«Versace Jeans Couture» – a line that produces daily, basically informal outfit. Most of the models are introduced in the form of classic shirt with the image of Gianni Versace and upscale jeans. Models of Versace Jeans Couture are certainly not cheap, but it is affordably priced. The items of this line are distributed throughout the world with the help of 1,800 multi-brand outlets and online stores and 56 boutiques. «Versace Sport» – is a brand of accessories and clothing for sports and active lifestyle. «Versace Precious Items» – a brand that is under the control of Gianni Versace. It produces jewelry, instruments for writing and watches. It is worth mentioning, that jewelry and watches are manufactured in Switzerland, but stationery is produced in France.«Atelier Versace» – is the short lived line of Versace. Collections Sales were very poor and it was quite profitable. Line «Versus» sells perfumes, which represent the vision of Versace Company of modern fragrance of woman.«Versace Ceramic Designs» is unique line of ceramics, made of natural materials by top specialists.

This fabulous brand has more lines, among which exists a remarkable one – Young Versace, which was established by present director of the company Donatella Versace, sister of the founder of this fashion house. In the early 90s the company began to produce clothing for young fashion lovers – the same bright, spectacular, often decorated with Greek ornaments and the head of the Gorgon, as well as clothes for adults. In the history of this brand of luxury clothing for children Young Versace have been ups and downs, it even has been closed for several years, but the last few years the brand is experiencing a rebirth. In 2012 the Young Versace line edition was relaunched. Having commented on this occasion Gian Giacomo Ferraris, CEO of Versace Group companies, said:  «It is not only a wonderful addition to the existing lines of Versace clothes, but also an important part of the development of the concept of the brand». After seven years of silence the first children’s collection was autumn-winter collection of 2012-2013. This line was accepted by critics and buyers enthusiastically, so it was extended in release. Moreover, in 2012 in Milan has opened mono-brand boutique, which sells baby clothes exclusively of Young Versace. Of course, these items are sold in the best department stores and boutiques worldwide.

Main features and goods of Versace Young line

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Versace Young is created for children, aged from 0 to 12 years old. Donatella has always dreamt of creating magical world for children and this collection totally represents the result of her desires. This collection has lots of different tones and shades of colors, prints of funny forms and sizes. Such outfit will totally be loved by children who consider themselves to keep up-to-date. These clothes are designed and made for kids, who adore urban life and activities.

This collection offers not only bright clothes, but also

  • beautiful bags;
  • headbands;
  • caps and hats;
  • belts;
  • bows;
  • shoes and sandals;
  • baby nests of various colors and prints.


Versace Young collection of goods for kids
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