Parents are the most caring people in the world for their little ones. This fact is not to deny. But who could imagine that the brand Tom Hilfiger would surpass other fashion companies and would create a special line of special clothing. To be ahead of time is quite simple when wearing Tom Hilfiger exclusive clothes. The designers made a noble gesture. Now all kids in the world can have adaptive designer clothing from this prominent brand.

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The collection of ‘adaptive garments’ for children who have some health issues aroused much disputes among lots of people. Well, some of them considered it as an opportunity to raise more money and other think that the reason for that was PR. But don’t hasten to take the haters’ side. The thing is that this collection was absolutely nonprofit. It means that money which has been raised due to purchases of Tom Hilfiger items would go to the needs of disabled kids.

This program was called ‘Runway of Dreams’. This name is pretty symbolic as it can really help little ones fulfill some of their dreams. This idea came into practice in February 2016. The collection with beautiful clothes for children with some disabilities was rather innovative and adapted special for them.

In fact, all pieces of clothes looked very similar to the clothes from the designer’s ordinary collections. From the first sight you cannot notice anything extraordinary when browsing through it. Even so, take a better look and you can surely notice some tricks. All clothes were designed to make life of kids with special needs much easier and far more stylish. Each child deserves some care and love. Tom Hilfiger team is willing to make the world better in such a fashionable way.

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As we have just mentioned, clothes from special collection have some salient features which differ from other things.

  1. Firstly, the designers replaced all buttons by magnets to make the process of undressing and dressing up simpler.
  2. Then the designer added more openings in some places – along necklines and legs.

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We know for sure that this collection ended up successfully and created a countless number of positive moments for kids who really need it. Putting on and off the clothes can be a real challenge for children with special needs. But this collection can make them extremely thrilled and flabbergasted as now they do not require anybody else’s help to dress up. With help of these adaptive items they can easily change and feel comfortable anywhere. Kids who have difficulty with motion can easily get irritated when they cannot pull a T-Shirt or any other piece of clothes. All these countless zippers and buttons can make a mess and spoil child’s mood. This program helps avoid all sources of irritators and create pleasant conditions.

The designers faced the problem themselves and decided to eliminate the problem of getting dressed for good. This problem is up-to-date for now which is why it managed to concentrate public’s attention to this issue.

Tom Hilfiger’s collection for kids with disabilities makes all children equally stylish and trendy. Let’s support the program together!

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Little but extremely strong for their age children know that choosing clothes is the least of their troubles. We offer not to focus on troubles, but on something really great! Picking up clothes that will be suitable for your child is such a distracting entertainment for the family. Together you can find some exquisite adaptive apparel and make sure that child has more happiness in his life thanks to you. After all modifications the collection is ready to be sold out. Kids can enjoy clothes that look precisely like original versions.

This collection of Tom Hilfiger stylish apparel will be the most sensitive and touching. Devoted to kids with special needs this brand became a phenomenon