Established in 1988 the company is thriving till now with Catherine Wollner at the helm. The designer’s fashion view was based in Paris where style plays a meaningful part. With a number of dedicated to children professionals the company is loved by many fashion forward people who make Lili Gaufrette more confident and stronger.

Targeted at the fashion for girls the company is good at creating wonderful Lili Gaufrette girls dresses

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Some girls are very hard to please – they always require some pretty clothes for many occasions. Girl’s closet contains so much different stuff – from lovely dresses to stretch tights and stylish footwear. With this brand you will forget about tiring shopping for your baby. In our online store this is quite easy to find all product types by this brand. Besides, each piece of clothes is noted for its flattering aesthetic and riveting design.

Together with a team of well-known designers all families are able to be a part of high fashion world. If you want your child be dressed in most beautiful and extraordinary clothes then you have to come for help to this brand. Extraordinary clothing does not mean something is bizarre or too complicated. Most of pieces have a rather calm and elegant design which is suitable for little girls.

This is quite a joy for children to have at least few designer exclusive items. This opportunity was offered for little baby girls who do not imagine their life without a couple of trendsetting pieces. Lili Gaufrette designs clothes not only for every day wear, but also for smart occasions. If you have a special event to visit then clothes from this prominent designer will become a catch.

To be kitted out with the most useful pieces for every day wear you only have got to visit our online boutique full of new must haves and trends. As a matter of fact your baby will look stunning and gorgeous when wearing dresses from Lili Gaufrette.

A rather broad range of trendsetting clothes is available online for baby girls from 3 months to 16+ years old. This designer clothing has some features which determine its concept which are:

  1. All materials are made of the softest cotton which creates an impression of an endless comfort and tenderness.
  2. French style differs from the cultural heritage of other trademarks. Elegance and delicacy is present in each item.
  3. Gorgeously tailored clothes are premium quality.

In fact, all features define the company and make it unique. This brand is occupied with designing clothes for little girls. Every day dresses increase in popularity, because all fashion forward girls prefer such lovely and elegant dresses. Besides, they can be worn every day. This brand helps stay always elegant in beautiful designer dresses.

This contemporary brand manufactures dainty clothes for princesses. The principle designer knows all about girls’ needs and how they can be suited. This is the most important – when children are pleased and delighted along with their parents. Those who want to capture the essence of French style and the philosophy of this brand, check out the list of products which are available for every single customer.

Parisian high fashion is a phenomenon which is hard to explain. Everyone should see it in order to make the right choice. Girls prefer chic design, so every dress is noted for it. If you want your girl to be the envy of everyone then you should consider the option of purchasing Lili Gaufrette sophisticated dresses.  The finest style will be delivered in several days.

The designer introduced new concepts of girls wear where clothing should be bone chic, bon genre. This new style shoes how simple and minimalistic design can look not less luxury than some pompous clothes. Every girl will get altogether:

  1. Refinement
  2. Absence of negligence
  3. Comfort
  4. Acknowledgement

With attention to all details in mind the company is treating as best as possible to all girls at any age. Tiny infants as well as teens may have whatever they wish – from cute nappies to brilliant accessories. To make an ideal outfit you only have to combine some of the pieces and add a few accessories. Then your cute little darling will have everything she has ever dreamt of.

            Depending under the season, you can choose different items. The only thing remains unchangeable – sleek style and high quality. With a new look from this designer your girl can take a look at the world with absolutely different eyes. Now your girl is confident, stylish and is feeling extremely comfortable. What else can be better than that?

To look beautiful always and forever is possible with Lili Gaufrette girls dresses. See how ethereal style is becoming your darling girl

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To have a fantastic look everywhere under any circumstances – nothing can be easier than that. Now, let’s see together why the newest versatile collection has a great many fans all over the world.

  • Coats & Jackets
  • Hair Accessories
  • Tops & Bottoms Set
  • Trousers & Shorts
  • Babysuits
  • Hats
  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Tights
  • Leggings
  • Skirts
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Skirts
  • Swimwear

French clothes have great demand in all continents. Well-known and respected brand has a lot to offer to every child and parent. For parents the company offers versatile and world-class clothing for their children. To be comfortable is the most important thing. To have a wonderfully cut piece of clothes is great and inspiring. With such brands such as Lili Gaufrette there are no boundaries at all when it comes to creating outfits.

From the very beginning the company saw its beginnings in manufacturing girls fashionable clothes. Girls give much inspiration – they are all individual – some of them are very gentle and some of them prefer sportswear and casual style. In fact, it does not matter what type of clothing your girl is wearing – it should be comfortable and stylish.

To be stylish does not mean to follow tendencies which are propagated by fashion critics or celebrities. In fact, you can make your own style and be cool in what you wear. See how children take interest in fashion is rather thrilling and sometimes quite funny. They may put on parents’ clothes and see themselves like real fashionistas. The collection from Lili Gaufrette offers a broad assortment of goods which assures that every girl will have her own stylish clothes and it is no longer necessary to borrow parents’ clothing.

Mixing French aesthetic with sleek style the company is really good at creating innovative things for any taste – Lili Gaufrette girls dresses are perfect

LILI GAUFRETTE Pale Pink Cotton Knitted Cardigan with GemsLILI GAUFRETTE Orange Cotton Turtleneck Dress with Ribbed TopLILI GAUFRETTE Red Viscose Jersey Skirt with PleatsLILI GAUFRETTE Pink Cotton Ribbed & Jersey Dress

Award-winning company which is based on producing clothes for girls has shown the world how ravishing the whole range is. Being in the center of French fashion this brand invents new luxury pieces and then provides little babies with them. Add more feminine details in your girl’s look. It can make feel her unique and very gentle.

If your child like exploring the world this clothing is perfect for your family. With a number of sophisticated details and riveting prints there is always something to be discovered. This is ideal for little fashion forward explorers. New generation of fashionistas has many demands – clothing should be trendsetting and dainty. Lili Gaufrette seems to correspond to all requirements. For a few years the range of goods from this designer has become the most coveted and appropriate for little kids.

Light pink items made of the softest cotton are loved by the loveliest children in the world. People believe that clothes can help feel confident. So why not try to carry out this mission? With oodles of pleasant and delicate hues the range looks refined and exquisite. Calm and light color palette can make your kid cuter and more fashionable. Provided with French sophisticated style children are stylish and very pleased.

 Actually, such a broad choice of goods represents childrenswear not only for special occasion. It offers spectacular pieces for every day activities. Don’t fret that your active child may spoil it and leave a stain. Each item is washable and even after many washes it remains soft.

Dear parents, if you want your princess have the brightest memories of her childhood, get some elegant pieces from the collection of this high-profile fashion house.

With style aesthetic and startling design Lili Gaufrette girls dresses are popular among little fashionmongers
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