Usually Pilguni is the choice of mums with a special approach to buying childrenswear. It should be comfortable, high quality, practical, stylish and all of these should be gathered in one piece. So that’s why Pilguni is so loved by parents who are searching for clothes for their tots. Outer wear is a very important thing in the wardrobe. Warmth and comfort depend on what kind of outer wear your child wears. The assortment of this company is represented with the line of kid’s snowsuit.

Exclusive and innovative Pilguni outerwear is perfect for children who want to feel cozy in winter wear

CATIMINI Baby Girls White & Lemon Print CoatBOSS Baby Boys Blue 'Fold-Away' Jacket

EMILE ET ROSE Baby Boy Pale Blue Microfiber JacketEMILE ET ROSE Baby Girl Pink Floral Coat

Besides, every piece satisfies both parents’ and kid’s expectations. We know that searching for the right clothing can take a while, but now you won’t have any problems with dressing up your child.

Innovative, brilliant items are available in the latest range from one of the most intriguing fashion houses. Pilguni is the company which knows for sure how to indulge all fashionmongers and how to provide the utmost care. This season cannot help surprising us – the number of collections is overwhelming as well as the number of clothes.

For the most style-savvy parents and children, this collection is must have. Every mum is worrying every time when her child is spending much time outdoors, especially when it is winter. Snow, frosty patterns on windows, beautiful nature – all of these is just marvelous, but let’s not forget about child’s comfort.

An exclusive line of Pilguni outerwear will provide every baby with high quality pieces of clothes

KARL LAGERFELD KIDS Baby Boys Jersey BlazerMARGHERITA KIDS Girls Floral Raincoat

MAYORAL Baby Girls Navy Blue Trench CoatMARGHERITA KIDS Girls Ivory Satin Bomber Jacket

 First of all, we should provide clothing from the designer which can totally be trusted. Pilguni is the company with a good name as well as reputation. For years the production under this label has been making happy little customers.

Each garment reflects ultra style – exclusive and sophisticated snowsuits are suitable for boys and little ladies. We are convinced that clothes can make kids happier. High quality outer wear lets children spend far more time outdoors.

This is definitely what you are looking for:

  • Snowsuits
  • Coats & Jackets

Snowsuits are made in lightweight and smooth fabric with padding. Luxuriously warm and cozy snowsuits can be excellent choice for kids who love spending time in the fresh air. Design of every snowsuit is interesting and trendsetting. Startling patterns embellish every item. High breathability and flexibility are guaranteed. Don’t forget that these snowsuits are hand washed.

Pilguni outerwear – with taste and style for every child – check out clothes for the most marvelous season

MAYORAL Boys Navy Blue Hooded JacketNO ADDED SUGAR Boys Rabbit Print Baseball Jacket

TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Grey Knitted Baby Pram CoatPOLO RALPH LAUREN Boys Navy Blue Showerproof Jacket

Coats and jackets create the half of the collection. The designers paid special attention to the design and there is what we have – captivating, impeccable designs which every girl or boy will like. Every jacket or coat is famed for having a high protection against extreme temperatures. Your child will feel neither heat nor cold. Carefully selected fabrics stop the cold entering and keep your child warmer. Easy to wear pieces guarantee freedom of movement.

You see that the designers did their best for your kid, too. They managed to manufacture clothes which are the envy of other designers. For those who are considering the option of buying outer wear from Pilguni we tell you more advantages of this fashion house.

Pilguni is the firm which puts into practice many ideas. Nowadays technologies have come too far which means that fashion has also changed. Outer wear is now more advanced – you won’t freeze any more. The protection is full – here there is no doubt. Plus the design is gorgeous. Elasticated wrists and hoods no longer surprise our clients. But thermal insulation is something different – it guarantees warmth when the temperature is even -30. It means that this wear is not only worth browsing through, it is surely worth buying.


Pilguni outerwear for babies is strongly recommended by caring mums from every corner of the world

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