All fashion forward people are absolutely sure that true fashion starts at home. Every day parent should choose right clothing for their babies. Modern parents prefer only high style stakes and they don’t accept conventional and commonplace pieces. They incorporate high fashionable clothes for the wardrobe of their little ones. In such a way they try to provide an impetus to look perfect when they grow up. In fact, today there is much whimsical and rather attractive childrenswear for any taste. This time we will tell about the most intriguing tendencies of this summer.

Here we want to provide your baby high quality and superior pieces that your boy or girl will definitely fall for. When it comes to choosing clothing for kids, parents get very concentrated and concerned, especially dads who can’t stand shopping. We won’t promise that after this article your dad is gonna like this. The only thing is for sure – your child will like it very much!

Nowadays there so many models and styles so many parents teach their kids the art if combining and mixing of various pieces of clothes. This is good to know how to enhance your wardrobe or your child’s. Let’s have some fun and explore the newest streams in fashion for our precious kids.


We were looking forward to it. We anticipated it. We wanted it so badly – 4 trends of kids clothing

  1. Festival fun

This category is about some festive clothing for such special occasion, such as B-Day or anniversary, to cut it short – for every occasion where you have to be dressed up very festive. For babies it is cool to put on a cool pair of glasses, think pants or shorts and a nice blouse or a T-Shirt. And here your baby is – charming and incredibly stylish. Find a little toy instrument and this will be fantastic. You mini festival goer is gonna be the most fashionable around.

  1. Stay natural

A lot of fashion companies pay homage to our flora and fauna which is why they use natural and organic materials only. That helps them maintain the level of safety and security of the animal world. The next feature is that designers implement a plenty of animal and floral prints in their clothing. In such way they try to attract kids’ attention to the most pressing issues of our environment. So it comes as no surprise that prints of leaves, animals and blooming are so popular this summer. Besides, there is now an opulence of exotic prints and patterns, such as pictures of jellyfishes, ocean and sea fishes. The most fashionable colors are citrus hues and all bright colors you can only imagine.  Let’s keep things breezy and bright with designer childrenswear special for kids who step together with fashion.

  1. Floral printing

A bit more floral prints – and the wardrobe of little fashionistas will be full of these flowers. Here girl’s fashion is our main focus as pretty dresses with blooming is ladies’ prerogative. A bohemian style is back which means that girls can enjoy beautiful white lace and floral prints again. Choose some flowery dress for your baby girl and see how gorgeous she is.

  1. Whoa!!!

Let your boy or girl be real cowboys and cowgirls! Let them go wild! In style, of course. Cowboy look is also considered to be on trend now. Think a nice cowboy hat and your look is already altered. Add some more wild details and your baby’s outfit is ready to conquer Texas. Even when your kid plays a bad gangster or play the Wild West – it doesn’t matter – create him or her a spectacular look. This will develop their ability to transform and to express themselves. And you can pretend to be a rock star. For you we can also find some pretty cool outfits.

It is time for lunchtime purchases – choose Burberry, Monnalisa, Paul Smith and others if you want your child to be rather stylish

A lot of girls who follow all fashionable brands and trends always get excited when they hear something about Burberry. Each collection brings refreshment and rapture. This time will not be an exception. Stunning and luxurious clothes are synonymous with the new Burberry sleeveless check dress which has beautiful floral print from the left side. If your baby has a special occasion on the horizon, it will draw attraction at any party. Splash of jewelries and colors will add more sophistication. To complete the outfit pick up a lovely cardigan in a matching color. Your girl will be the most adorable not to mention the trendiest.

4 loveliest trends for babies1

Our fashion life is changing when new tendencies appear.  It is time to open a new page in our book of fashion. Kids as well as adults need to feel confident and comfortable no matter what they wear. Well, actually it matters. Because designer clothes made of a superb quality can make your baby a little fashion expert. We don’t mind if children surpass us and have better taste than we do.

Recently we have come across one interesting tendency – clothing made of tweed. This texture is quite irreplaceable for the fall or winter. This kind of fabric is fashionable yet stylish, so we decided to tell you more about this. Paul Smith tweed shorts will keep your baby warm and stylish! These beige turn-up shorts have perfect high quality texture. We loved this piece of clothes outright, so will your baby boy. This item is gonna hit all street shops in the fall, so hurry up and be the one to have such brilliant shorts. This garment looks stylish with knitted jumper and, of course, with wellington boots which has an exquisite English taste. A floral blouse and a cardigan can be also combined with tweed shorts by Paul Smith. We suppose that English fashion heritage cannot exist without designer tweed shorts. That’s why such item is considered to be a perfect investment, anyway.

4 loveliest trends for babies2

Nevertheless, there are much more stylish things in the world wardrobe. Now it is girls’ turn and we are desperately willing to show you this sophisticated item which each fashion conscious lady might have. Monnalisa navy blue polka dot skirt has nothing extraordinary in its style and it has everything stylish in this season at the same time. For savvy shoppers this is the best purchase ever! Fashion is moving back and retro skirt can now indulge our young customers. This skirt has flounce shape and which is why looks really gorgeous. Plus dots add more traditional style. A nice white bow in the middle also serves as a belt and perfectly complements with the skirt.  To get or not to get? Of course, to get! This skirt will become each girl. Everything your girl needs is a black T-Shirt and then – complete this fine outfit with, for instance, red accessories. We hope this will create a killing look for her. These colors will add a sort of nautical twist for your baby. Creative yet stylish skirt can become the most favorite piece of clothes in your kid’s irresistible wardrobe.

4 loveliest trends for babies

Don’t be disappointed if you still didn’t find something for your child – there is still much to browse through

Little and not that little customers, we let you know that in the collection online there is a myriad of exquisite thing available. Hundreds of respected brands hit the virtual shelves and promise to make your kid the trendiest from head to toe. Those designers are Chloe, Little Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Hugo Boss and many others. Expect a great many arrivals from designers who create stunning mini models. Each month, each week – new creative things can appear not only online but in at your place as well.

They work hard to make sweet ladies and gentlemen happy and trendy no matter what occasion it is. Now there are hundreds of opportunities how to kit out kids with the most fashionable garments and how to fill the wardrobe only with high quality and necessary clothing. It is easy to choose as there are several categories with help of which you decide whether you need it or not. A full range of subtle goodies from the most prominent designers seems to be terrific!

Get 4 loveliest trends and your baby is the most stylish kid – check out new wardrobe essentials