When kids are dressed like little dolls there is nothing wrong about it. Kids are so cute and funny and Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes can definitely emphasize these qualities. To grow up in the world where every day fashion events takes place or where each day a new thing appears is rather interesting. With superb quality childrenswear your baby will become the most popular kid not only around but in the whole world.

Respectable and trustworthy brand has a broad range of offers – Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes are made for little kids

LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls Ivory & Gold Tulle TopLAURA BIAGIOTTI Blue Cotton Velvet Dress with Gold Diamanté HeartsLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls Ivory Viscose Puppy & Rose TopLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Beige Neoprene Butterfly Skirt

Little dolls always expect an intriguing and wonderfully designed collection. The latest collection managed to impress everyone and to cause a volley of positive comments. The company was established in 1972 by, you will never guess by whom, a student. But it is not time for disappointments. The well-known and respected woman-designer used to be a student who was a keen archeologist. But no one can be sure about what the future holds. Rather promising student saw the beginning of her career in designing and distributing childrenswear.

From the very beginning she used to collaborate with a well-experienced designer in order to create ready to wear apparel for women. Then the production was keeping extending and voila – now we can see popular and loved designer who loves all customers back.

Behind the collection of ethereal items there is much work which consists of endless creativity and constant inspiration. To be ready with the collection for little babies the designer should get a lot of things done – from the layout to the color selection. Everything should be settled and reconsidered if needed.

This year the collection is even brighter than ever. Laura Biagiotti Dolls calls itself so for a reason. This brand is designing clothes for little fashion forward dolls who require a few designer pieces. Being appreciated the company is getting source for further fashion inventions.

Clothe your baby in marvelous apparel which are noted for excellence – Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes

LAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Ivory Cotton Crepe Dress with Gold EmbroideryLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Girls White Melon Cotton ShortsLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Ivory Butterfly Print DressLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Gold Floral Printed Neoprene Jersey Dress

Bringing up children is quite a mission which requires much effort. But not today. Well, now you can relieve and luxuriate in stunning childrenswear. The company covers almost all age groups – from premature children to those who turned 10 years old. Each collection is an event behind which stands a team of experienced fashion masters. With a self-made woman at the helm the company has nothing to worry about. Everything is under control of the woman who knows how to indulge children.

Creating every day essentials for the wardrobe Laura Biagiotti thinks that the most significant thing is comfort and then – style, trend, fashion etc. And we cannot but agree. Comfort should take center stage. When the item is comfortable it means that it was made from the finest fabrics and will be long lasting and breathable.

  • Blankets & Shawls
  • Baby Accessories
  • Trousers & Shorts
  • Tracksuits
  • Hats
  • Dresses
  • Leggings
  • Tops & Bottoms Set

With comfort for children in mind this fashion house represents ethereal Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes

LAURA BIAGIOTTI Girls Black Padded CoatLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Red Cotton Watermelon DressLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Navy Blue Shift Dress with Striped HemLAURA BIAGIOTTI DOLLS Ivory Jersey Dress with Gold Floral Skirt

From printed leggings to the softest blankest and high fashion trousers the company provides a wide array of colorful and playful pieces of clothes. Besides, your baby’s look can be completed with amazing baby accessories for any taste. Girls who love to be different in a good way are very fond of this brand. They see how wonderfully those prints are whilst their parents see how smart and professionally tailored clothing is. In this matter children and parents see eye to eye.

Choosing best clothes you make your child best, too. With such an intriguing and rather refreshing range from Italian designer all fashion matters can be settle at once. What to wear to go for a walk or for a party – everything can be decided with help of Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes. Do not forget that lovely skirts and dresses with decorated prints and appliqués are must haves of this summer.

This brand will conquer hearts of all fashion followers – Laura Biagiotti Dolls clothes are ideals for your precious child