In the families of the athletes who spend the snowy winters at ski resorts kids usually follow their parents. They are easy and without any fear of extreme getting on their first skis and snowboards, cleverly and boldly conquering their first runs. Before leaving for active sports holidays in the mountains parents have to solve issues such as self-gear and equipment and also choose the ski suits for children. Modern clothing industry for winter sports offers solutions that provide the convenience, comfort and safety of children during skiing. So you can even take the most little kids with you and be sure that they wouldn`t harm themselves. Perhaps at the first exit in the mountains and you can do costume hire, but it still better to buy for their own, individual set of equipment.

What are the qualitative kids ski jackets designed by the popular brands?

ESPRIT Baby Boys Blue Showerproof JacketARMANI BABY Baby Boys Navy Blue Showerproof Jacket

AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA Girls Pink Satin Bomber JacketAGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA Girls Logo Print Bomber Jacket

Choosing clothes and gear itself, the parents do not forget to make sure that children’s sports equipment is as quality and robust as clothes for adults by well-known and proven brands of ski clothing, such as Hatley, Moncler, Deux Par Deux and others.

  • High-quality ski suits for children are comfortable, temperature-resistant, breathable and windproof, outwardly looking like an adult models, just a small copy of them. In such “adult” sports equipment children would feel more confident, because they would go for a drive together with their parents and other athletes.
  • Ski suits, ski jackets for children as well as children’s ski pants should mitigate the possible fall, because nobody even the most professional athlete is insured of this. To provide this, special seals should be sewed on elbows and knees.
  • Pay attention to the model, in which pants can be fixed to the jacket and boots, and gloves can be fixed to the jacket by special carbines. This is done to prevent the ingress of snow between the jacket and pants, pants and boots, jacket and gloves.
  • A particular advantage is the presence in the jacket and detachable adjustable hood a “pocket” for snow. It is a one more internal protection from falling snow and ice inside. “Pocket” makes riding jacket and pants as comfortable as in the one-piece jumpsuit.
  • As a safety point of view, which helps to increase the attention in the mountains and outer beauty, it is desirable for children’s ski suits to be bright. Children would be clearly visible from a distance on snow in such equipment and they also would be easily recognizable among the many skiers. In addition, colored garment cheer up the child and strengthen his motivation for skating.

All the ski jackets for kids presented on our site meet all these requirements. So you can just choose the one you like the most. The designers are inspired by active children, so every item, which is made for the kid`s sport is designed and specially cut for young athletes.

The structure of the high-quality kids ski jackets

FENDI Girls Red Neoprene Varsity JacketHACKETT ASTON MARTIN RACING Boys Blue Padded Jacket

IDO BABY Baby Girls Red JacketFENDI Boys Grey Neoprene Varsity Jacket

Traditionally, high-quality sports jackets for winter skiing has a three-layer membrane structure:

  • The first layer is adjacent to the body, is breathable and perfectly absorbs sweat.
  • The second layer acts as a thermal insulation, warming the body from exposure to low ambient temperatures.
  • The third outer layer protects against snow, wind, ice and water – from the external environment. For children sets it is permissible to reduce the amount of layers in a suit to facilitate the weight of equipment.

The reasons to choose a good brand`s kids ski jackets

LANVIN Boys Black Windbreaker JacketORIGINAL PENGUIN Boys Blue & Red Jacket

POLO RALPH LAUREN Boys Navy Blue Showerproof JacketTIMBERLAND Boys Blue Windbreaker Jacket

The selection of the equipment for winter skiing for children as well as for adults is the time-consuming and responsible process. Key points that you should pay attention when buying are:

  • The quality of seams: how they are neat, stitched and taped. Are there no traces of holes from thick needle sewing machine (only cheap sewing machines leave such sloppy lines in the sewing shops of handicrafts).
  • Proper fastening or “sticks”
  • There only should be sticks on the pockets – large zip fastenings can pull your hands with gloves or mittens.

Ordering the kids ski jackets on our site you can be sure that you shouldn`t worry about those problems. All the goods presented in our store are originally designed by the world famous brands. So your child would be safe, self-assured and pretty while skiing. And no colds on holidays anymore! Spend your time on something more important and pleasant.

Kids ski jackets by famous designers are qualitative and bright
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