Kids are thrilled because they have been waiting for this event for ages! Fashion week started in the beginning of the June and in 2 days it gathered an army of fashion forward fans who were extremely happy to attend this festival – the celebration of genuine art and fashion. This time it was held in India which means that the atmosphere of the event was breathtaking and rather unusual in a good sense.

Indian Fashion Week for kids proved to be a tremendous success! Kids were impresses – parents were happy

 This day will remain in the memory of many visitors and viewers. Of course, not all could see this show with their own eyes, but still they were following the process on TV. Mumbai is the city where Kids Fashion Week was held this year. Bright and spectacular city full of interesting places to attend and full of nice people to meet is a real miracle. Those who were there will memorize this day till the end of their days.

Don’t you find this really cool when kids can have so much fun along with their parents? Dressed in gorgeous apparel and walking down the catwalk can make happy every single kid. Parents were following how kids were spending the whole week just perfectly. This day was devoted to celebration of high fashion.

Kidswear collection was represented by high-profile Indian designers. This extravaganza was a sign that there are always a great many people who know good taste and want their children be in the height of style not only these three days, but each day. Some known trademark took part in this event to show how cool your baby may look and how extravagant the attire may be.

            Speaking of Indian Kids Fashion Week, it was unforgettable and exciting for both kids and viewers. Archana Kochhar was there as the grand designer. She represented a collection of incredibly stunning traditional Indian dresses. This famous designer got a volley of applauds and much energy from the viewers who appreciated her hard work.

The world has finally seen kidswear of new Indian designers who can become rather competitive in the marketplace


 Among the designers one could find:

  • Mini-Mi
  • 612 League
  • Kriti Rathore
  • My Little Piggy
  • GAP Kids
  • Samta & Shruti Studio
  • Max
  • Free Sparrow Kids
  • Moriko Organic
  • ERA Kids
  • OKS Boys
  • AZ Couture etc.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard those names yet, these brands can definitely become worldwide known soon. Childrenswear space has got quite a number of promising designers who want to design exclusive items for children not only in India, but far beyond.

Now all apparel needs of children can be satisfied with a good deal of traditional rich and just gorgeous clothing from new designers. This event gave a platform to create more new things for children. Bringing together sustainability and exquisite taste all pieces of clothes were appreciated by all attendants of the show.

Kids’ innocence and genuine art were perfectly intertwined in the Indian Fashion Week for Kids

Those brands which were engaged in showcasting their pieces of work are quite reputed in India and soon can be not less reputable than other brands. Little kids were playing one of the greatest parts, by the way. They all gladly agreed to be turned into real models and to show everybody wonderful designer apparel. They did their best at the fashion runway.

Little ones aged from 4 to 14 were so excited to be there and to participate on show. Many lines of childrenswear were introduced to the public and fashion critics who gathered to evaluate designers’ fruitful work which was highly acclaimed.

Little fashionmongers couldn’t help smiling and showing everybody how happy they were – to be a part of a mature world. No one could stop admiring them. Dresses were as beautiful as the hearts of those little kids. Find the time and see it yourself!

Designers around the world are showcasing their new collections which are already famed for an enormous variety of iconic things