These two designers create nothing but masterpieces. This season brought no exceptions. The collection is filled to the brims with romantic motifs. This is exactly what all girls wanted. Now they are pretty happy to know that wearing Dolce & Gabbana new childrenswear they will definitely look stylish and romantic. Get new refreshing items for your girl and be sure that she will look like a princess. Dolce & Gabbana gather together all fashionistas of the world and offer them to plunge into the collection which features amazing botanical patterns.

Dolce & Gabbana botanical garden trend turned out to be the best discovery of the year – you should see the range

DOLCE & GABBANA Boys 'Agrigento' Jersey T-ShirtDOLCE & GABBANA Baby Girls Red & Pink Roses Dress

DOLCE & GABBANA Baby Girls Blue Silk HeadbandDOLCE & GABBANA Baby Girls Navy Blue Sailor Dress

This collection is suitable for fashionistas of all ages. Every little girl can find clothes to her taste. More so, Dolce & Gabbana took care that the whole family could enjoy sophisticated clothing – from babies to their mums. Most important that the creation of this ethereal collection was inspired by Botanic Gardens in Palermo, so the designers made an agreement to create the line of clothing which would remind all people of the beauty in Palermo.

Prints which are in the center of attention are floral and look just gorgeous. Magical garden inspired not only these designers, but many other people. We have no doubt that this would be a great exploration for you and your family.

These are the most favorite looks of a current season. They were taken right from Dolce & Gabbana runway. And now they are waiting for small fashionistas to evaluate a genuine art which comes directly from Italy. On the front and at the back of every item you are to find startling flowers and botanical prints.

Sandals, purses and a great many accessories were designed to place right accents. Wonderful look is what your little one is gonna get. Adorable and playful pieces of clothes are what draw kids’ attention.

When girls have an empty wardrobe and have nothing to wear, it means that you’d better start with the collection of Dolce & Gabbana. Because only they can help find the best look ever and get individual style.

Perfect mini me leaf dresses are available in the collection of Dolce & Gabbana which represents new botanical trend

DOLCE & GABBANA Boys Black Jazz T-ShirtDOLCE & GABBANA Boys Grey & Red 'Jazz' Jacket

DOLCE & GABBANA Girls Beige 'Pomodori' DressDOLCE & GABBANA Boys Cotton Palm Trees Shorts

This amazing opportunity was given to all mums and daughters. Now all of them can have the same look. This is gonna add some romantic accents to the look. Amazing appliqués and sequins together with jewelries are nothing but a real pleasure for fashion forward girls. Create a perfect look:

  1. White lace dress which features feminine and classic features
  2. Jeweled butterfly embroidered accessory
  3. Banana leaf sandals
  4. Little floral purse

And voila – this trendy look is gonna be highly acclaimed and remembered. Meanwhile, parents are very lucky as they finally found the best collection which is suitable for the most beautiful women in the family. Sharing this fashionable secret, Dolce and Gabbana help everyone get closer to the world which sometimes seems to be so distant. Luckily for children, it is absolutely possible to buy clothes which have been acknowledged and tested by many kids in the world.

They liked the collection and so will your girl. Made in a wonderful shift style every piece has got a stylish look.

Available worldwide Dolce & Gabbana botanical garden trend for kids make happy every person who will swing by the boutique

DOLCE & GABBANA Girls Red Leather Slip-On SandalsDOLCE & GABBANA White Bomber Jacket with Music Appliqué

DOLCE & GABBANA Girls White Polka Dot Silk DressDOLCE & GABBANA Girls Blue 'Tropico' Pre-Walker Shoes

  • Pineapples
  • Bees
  • Dragonflies
  • Bananas

All these features were made in sequins and gems which are used for a shimmering effect. Shop the collection which remains one of the best trends of the current year. Considering every detail clothes have got many responds which points to the fact that the range is worthy. Many shapes, various prints and shades, designs and so on – girls love it! Pick banana print dress and combine it with beautiful footwear. Style becomes all children. Choose brands which have reputation and respect.

Dolce & Gabbana botanical garden trend is famed for wonderful childrenswear and sophisticated accessories
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