When you have a baby, you will be concerned that your precious angel is warm, safe and happy. Take care of your child with Designer Baby Blankets. This is the best thing for your home and for the child. Because that is how he or she won’t be cold and it is so nice to fall asleep under soft and tender blanket.

               Designer Baby Blankets will be perfect for both boys and girls

ALVIERO MARTINI Beige Vintage Map Print Padded Baby BlanketBURBERRY Baby Girls Pink Checked Wool BlanketALVIERO MARTINI Ivory & Pink Map Print Padded Baby BlanketADEN & ANAIS Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Blanket is not just a piece of fabric. And here you can find a lot of creative and unique items that will take care of your baby.

  1. Christening and Baptism blankets will be perfect for the religious ceremony and so on
  2. Jersey is simple blankets for traditional usage
  3. Knitted blankets has the special coziness
  4. Padded for the cold days
  5. Swaddles for light coverage

A lot of great designers created blankets for kids and babies. You can choose by the name and pick the best one for your children. Here are some of the names:

  • Absorba creates nice and tender blankets with pastel colors
  • Armani offers cool items with prints
  • Burberry developed nice checked blankets in traditional boy and girl colors
  • Christian Lacroix designed nice blankets with bright ornaments and images
  • Kissy Kissy offers marvelous soft blankets
  • Paul Smith Junior created special print for the baby blanket

Designer Baby Blankets offers you to find the perfect item for each purpose

BURBERRY Blue Check Merino Wool Baby BlanketKISSY KISSY Baby Boys Blue 'Royal Baby' Pima Cotton BlanketJUICY COUTURE Baby Girls Pink Blanket, Hat & Bootees Gift SetLOREDANA Baby Girls Ivory & Blue Roses Blanket

If you need a blanket for the religious celebration, the best designers in the world created the entire collection of masterpieces for that. You can pick the design, size and color. A lot of the items come with special neutral print.

For some special occasion chose the white blanket with ruffles from Aletta. It has nice lace stripes and bows. These cute detailing will be perfect for the little baby. Four bows on the corners of the item create the square with nice lace stripes. This masterpiece will make any celebration better and make the baby look better and cuter. The item comes in a gift box, so it can be nice present for the family.

Little Darlings Occasion offers you to get the ivory silk blanket. This shiny fabric makes the entire look fancier and your child will be happy to own this masterpiece. The blanket itself is long and it has golden detailing on the sides. You can also choose the white silk blanket. The best thing is when the baby grows up, she can use it as shawl or keep as a memorable thing.

Mebi created nice blanket with blue stripe on the side of the item. This masterpiece is made from light fabric and it will allow your kid to stay comfortable all the time. Blue ribbons on the blanket create nice accent and make the entire piece look better and trendier. Bows on the corners add chic and style to the piece.

Pick the reversible blankets for simple everyday use. Now your kid can stay cozy and warm during the night time under the cool and creative blankets. Alviero Martini designed a lot of great prints for the baby blankets. Pick the one with blue maps on. On the one side you can see the images of countries and island and if you turn the item – you will enjoy simple white soft fabric. This map comes in pink, brown and yellow colors. So you or your baby can chose the best blanket that will suit the interior and baby’s taste. Fendi decided that kids will love creative and bright prints and developed the blanket with colorful monster and the outline among the entire piece. Steif decided to move on from the pastel colors and go for the navy with koala bear embroidered image in the corner. Also you can find the pink and white blanket from Powell Craft with adorable ballerinas. This will be the best thing to sleep with for young lady. Missoni choose to go colorful and created the blanket that unites all possible hues. They are displayed in stripes and you can choose the warm or cold pallet.

For additional warmth you should better pick the knitted blankets. They will keep your baby warm all the time. Burberry decided to place their famous checked design on the blankets. Although they were painted in blue or pink for boys and girl respectively. The blanket is made from merino wool, so your child won’t get cold. Avoca went for checked design also. They decided to create the masterpieces from lamb wool. Thus the warmth is guaranteed. They have these masterpieces in bright blue or in pink, green and blue. Paz Rodrigues offers you nice grey minimalistic blanket with the knitted texture on the one side. This is very stylish and trendy solution.

When the real winter will be upon you, go for the padded blankets, so your child will be safe and comfortable. Roberto Cavalli designed nice items for the elegant girls. There you can see tender pink flowers that are covering the entire blanket. On the other side there is ruffle trim from the same pink flowers, but they are more organized and in the center you can see one big flower. The same design has the baroque styled blanket. It has gold and silver colors and typical for the baroque elements. The entire piece looks very elegant and rich. Ferarri also created a series of blankets for the babies. The design is simple, but very trendy. Cool black or wild red colors with white outlines and the logo horse in the middle will attract the attention. And your child will love the bright contrasting colors.

Sometimes you feel like put a blanket on, but you are not going to bed right now. Your baby needs the same item. That is why there is great collection of swaddles. They have various designs and a lot of them come in a set. Aden and Anais created nice collection of cover ups with animal prints. In the set you can find four blankets with different images of giraffes, tigers, birds and simple geometric figures. You can also find the marine theme in these swaddles. Marie Chantal design special set of two blankets that match together. There you can find white and red items with star images on. They are made of muslin and your baby will love the tender and soft touch. Pasito A Pasito decided to go for the minimalistic design. He offers nice light grey blanket. Though it looks very simple, it looks very elegant and the entire piece is very trendy.

Designer Baby Blankets were created in order to make comfortable and trendy living for your children

ROBERTO CAVALLI Baby Girls Pink Padded Cotton 'Kyoto' BlanketSTELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Pink Cashmere Mix Blanket 'snowball'MOLO Boys Ball Print 'Niles' Jersey BlanketPASITO A PASITO Pale Blue Star Cotton Muslin

Huge variety of blankets offers you to choose the right one for the special purpose. Your baby will love soft fabric and cool design. You can find tender hues or modern prints. All of them are rather big, so you can cover your little angel.

Designer Baby Blankets will keep your baby warm, safe and cozy all the time.