This brand was established in 2005 in the USA. It became one the fastest developing companies in the market. Designing and distributing the finest footwear Pediped managed to become the brand which is trusted by parents throughout the world. The designers do a lot of thinking about new concepts of shoes for children in order to produce high quality yet extremely fashionable footwear. With such good intentions the company is developing steadily and is making families very glad when revealing the collection of wonderfully subtle shoes.

Pediped shoes for children are suitable for all confident walkers – boys and girls even at the early age can appreciate this brand

PEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Boys Navy Blue Leather 'Sydney' SandalsPEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Brown Leather 'Sydney' SandalsPEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Girls Navy Blue 'Sidra' Leather SandalsPEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Girls Pink Leather 'Sidra' Sandals

The main designer started the company to indulge her own children. She was eager to create herself an ideal pair of shoes that would bring comfort and style to her kid. She decided to do her bit and she succeeded in making stunning shoes not only for her child, but for all kids on the planet. Shoes under this trademark can be worn both out and indoors. It ranges in style and shape as well as in color. There is no counting for taste, so each person may easily find his own thing. Designer footwear speaks for itself – it is extremely comfortable as it is made of the best quality. To sacrifice quality for kids shoes? No way.

Doctors are quite certain that to go barefoot is the best option. But still, kids cannot follow their advice outdoors. That’s why the family of caring parents and rather talented designers and up their mind to design footwear that would be next after bare feet. This happened to be an invention on the market. Ravishing and stylish footwear affected the market positively. Parents were flabbergasted whilst kids were running and jumping or just walking in comfortable Pediped shoes.

 The collection of nice footwear is divided into shoes for:

  1. First-walker
  2. Slip-on Shoes
  3. Pre-walker

Different styles and construction may help to find the right pair for a certain occasion. This footwear is capable of providing full protection during the day. Most importantly is that Pediped shoes for children were approved by American Pediatric Association which makes branded footwear an obvious choice, if you want to provide protection and growing feet.

With a wide array of subtle and playful designs your precious kid will be the happiest wearing Pediped shoes for children

PEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Silver Leather 'Lisa' SandalsPEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Girls White Leather 'Ann' ShoesPEDIPED ORIGINALS (0-24MTH) Boys Black & Blue 'Stingray' TrainersPEDIPED FLEX (1-8YR) Girls Silver Leather 'Lynn' Sandals

Fashion forward style of items makes the collection coveted for everyone. Parents choose footwear carefully as they need to be sure that these are exceptional shoes made of the best materials. Comfort is guaranteed. Exclusive shoes under this trademark are made of the non-toxic stuff. Besides, the premium grade of tailoring results in producing ideal footwear. We suppose this is what you always wanted. The company strives to catch up with other brands and the results of fruitful work are already apparent.

Loyal followers of this brand are purchasing Pediped footwear as they are sure of its quality and comfort. This is good news!

  • They are healthy for kids’ feet
  • They promote foot development
  • They provide comfortable fit
  • High rate of absorption
  • Shoes have rather distinctive styling
  • Natural rubber
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Slip-resistant

Comfort and a perfect fit are provided by Pediped shoes for children. Feel the timelessness of exclusive footwear

PEDIPED ORIGINALS (0-24MTH) Boys Navy Blue 'Norm' Leather Pre-Walker ShoesPEDIPED ORIGINALS (0-24MTH) Girls Black Leather 'Betty' Pre-Walker ShoesPEDIPED ORIGINALS (0-24MTH) Girls Blue Floral 'Louisa' Pre-Walker ShoesPEDIPED ORIGINALS (0-24MTH) Boys Blue & White 'Cliff' Pre-Walker Trainers

The company is committed to meet children’s needs and to be an exceptional brand which produces exceptional product. It is quite important to remember that children are our future which is why providing them upscale footwear or clothing is high on the list.

In fact, the company presents a few collections which contain various models of footwear:

  1. Pediped Originals. This collection is suitable for children from 0 to 24 months.
  2. Pediped Grip. Browse this collection if your child is from 9 months to 36 months.
  3. Pediped Flex is ideal for kids from 1 year to 8 years.

Impressive and subtle footwear was designed to make children glad.


Choose Pediped shoes for children! Why? Because kids will definitely feel the difference!