Discovering fashion and the world the designers live in, we sometimes come across many intriguing and at the same time wonderful things. This season is likely to be the most colorful ever! Collections of childrenswear are so attractive that it makes us, adults, want the same range of goods. Today we devote out article to a rainbow and we will tell you a secret how to add more colors in the wardrobe of your child.

Open up the curtains into the world of brightness and sophistication with our exclusive designer childrenswear

Chasing rainbows kids clothes1

Kids do love attractive and captivating things. Besides, rainbows are on trend this summer. We can say that there is a new color code in the city and today we will show the whole spectrum of them according to the last collection of beautiful childrenswear. This is a chance to get rid of dark colors for good and get more light in your life. We suggest you choose the light and brightness for your baby! Chasing the sun and chasing the rainbow will be rather easy after you browse the newest collection full of little rainbows.

Chasing rainbows kids clothing

            Let’s ditch all the rules and find more bright hues in the clothing for little ones. New clothes are markedly noticeable and funky than previous collection of well-known designers. Of course, there is nothing bad about dark shades or pastel hues, but right now we are gonna break the rules and make you find the rainbow in your wardrobe.

            Winter is gone and this means that all darkness and pessimism should be forgotten! The designers now crave more bright colors in huge doses. Actually it happens every time when summer comes. Designers try to lure more fashion forward people in their nests. But these nests are so beautiful and ravishing so no one could resist the temptation. Parents choose designer clothing, because they can vouch for it. It is made of premium quality and corresponds to all requirements of the modern market.

Let’s signify summertime and choose innocent optimism of childhood dreams with rainbow bright childrenswear

It comes as no surprise that this rainbow collection drew large masses of people who are fond of fashion shows. Many of them bring their kids tit he show to teach them how to dress up right and what clothes are appropriate for this or that occasion. Fashion critics expected from Gucci a volley of Technicolor hues. This was always an insignia of this award-winning brand. This collection was no exception.

  1. Bolts of colors
  2. Fine embroidery
  3. Eclectic mix of pizzazz and simplicity
  4. Acid lace
  5. Exotic mash-up

This new approach meant to violate all fashion rules. But it really worked! The collection was a success and the viewers were quite pleased. The pears of the show were:

  • Floaty rainbow gowns
  • Dipped crépon

Chasing rainbows kids clothes

This colorful heritage won’t leave anyone indifferent. The trend of rainbow childrenswear seems to be amped up. To wear brights is great and it is perfect on warm days in the summer. Floaty dresses for baby girls are pretty amazing. For boys there are ultraviolet T-Shirts, shorts etc.

Top 5 rainbow must haves for little fashion conscious children already this season

  1. Rainbow shoes with a an artificial fur
  2. Beautiful cotton skirt with rainbow printed sleeves and chest
  3. Rainbow sandals
  4. Rainbow floaty gown
  5. Multicolored top
  6. Grey sweatshirt with mashes of colors
  7. Blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red earrings for true ladies

Don’t fret and say ‘no’ to plain colors! Your little kid will feel brave and very attractive! This color clash trend seems to be a revolution. Each designer is now tending to have at least a few pieces which blow rainbow. We guess people are tired of pastel hues and neutral colors. They want something to make their life brighter. Kids will definitely like your choice in favor of saturated colors. Find a pair of bold shoes or a daring T-Shirt for your son or daughter and watch them be always on style.

Chasing rainbows – designers revealed their collections which are filled to the brims with rich funky colors