Many of us are waiting with impatience for Sales as this is a wonderful opportunity to buy designer things and at the same time save much money. Balloon Chic outlet of designer childrenswear is much loved by parents. Especially now when this company arranges an outlet of the most subtle and amazing items. The thing is that clothes for little kids may be extremely expensive. Besides, you know how fast kids grow. So this is a good chance to indulge your little one with a new look and save some money for a new purchase.

Wake me up when Balloon Chic outlet starts! To look fabulous – check out this new range!

BALLOON CHIC Girls White Top & Pink Bloomers 2 Piece SetBALLOON CHIC Green & Blue Patterned Dress with RufflesBALLOON CHIC Pale Blue Stripy Dress & Handbag 2 Piece SetBALLOON CHIC Girls White Hairband with Blue Spotty Bow

Sale of absolutely sophisticated clothing for little kids has already started, so don’t waste your precious time and pay attention to the incredible outfits for little girls. With delicacy and elegance in mind this fashion house is ready to impress you with gentle clothes and accessories to any taste. The collection was basically created for tiny ladies who are willing to look like princesses. This Greek designer does his best to fall in good taste with little tots who so desperately want to be perfect.

Someone will ask “Why buy such intricate clothes for little children?” The answer is quite simple – kids as well as grownups need to feel comfort and love. Balloon Chic childrenswear provides both comfort and love. This famous trademark is known almost at any corner of the globe. Even the littlest ones can recognize this prominent brand due to its individual and unique features, such as:

  • floral prints
  • flamboyant patterns
  • high quality fabrics
  • breathable and lightweight everyday wear
  • special pieces for special occasions, such as Christening etc.

All designer items have so many privileges and benefits! Each piece of clothes is a perfect mix of saturated colors and premium quality materials. Little ones will feel immediately how soft and gentle those items are. Meanwhile parents will see how happy and beautiful their kids are. Once you choose this brand, you won’t be able to try something else.


Balloon Chic OUTLET means a great many surprises for children and their parents

BALLOON CHIC Pink Pink Watermelon Dress with White SashBALLOON CHIC Pink Cotton Butterfly Dress with RufflesBALLOON CHIC Pink Floral Cotton Dress with Bows & RufflesBALLOON CHIC Pink Floral Dress with Ruffles & Coral Red Rose

Check out this perfect range of goods which shows how hard the designers try to suit all needs. Each detail was performed specifically for little princesses. Each piece of clothes is individual. The collection consists of summer clothes for girls aged from 0 months to 12+ years old.  This is really cool, because each kid has an opportunity to try something new and to find something fitting.

Among the whole assortment you are to find:

  1. Bags
  2. Tops
  3. Hair Accessories
  4. Babysuits
  5. Dresses
  6. Tops & Bottom Set
  7. Skirts

A real lady doesn’t need something else this summer. Everything can be found in this coveted collection.

Floral print dresses are very popular this season. But don’t be afraid that your little daughter will look exactly like other kids. No. Each item has its unique form and design. It is embellished with extremely attractive details which will make your child look ideal on any occasion any time. Cute sleeveless dresses provide comfort and are very stylish. Your child can wear it on some smart occasions or just for casual wear. Classics cannot go out of style, anyway. This clothing is unique, ‘cause it is fit for everything. Add some sophisticated accessories and then your look is done.

Cute hair accessories are what girls like the most. Floral hairbands embellished with bows or cute flowers look just amazing. There are also nice headbands which also go with beautiful flowers. Some of them are striped and some of them are multicolored. You only need to find something fitting for a new dress or a new skirt.

As to Balloon Chic skirts, they are fantastic. Dresses and skirts are irreplaceable in the wardrobe of ladies especially in the summer, when it is rather hot to put on jeans or pants. Designer skirts vary in colors and styles. Now there are 2 types of skirts left. But they are really worthy. One of them is made of 100% smooth feel cotton. It is pretty lightweight and has wonderful print – pink flowers all over it. An adjustable waistband is always very comfortable for kids. This assures that the skirt won’t be too tight or too loose. The skirt is embellished with a cute ribbon which is also a belt. The printing of this belt is matching to the skirt. This amazing piece of clothes fully lined and is above the knee lengths. Breathable, pretty and fashionable – Balloon Chic skirt is nice choice for baby girls.

 For little kids there is one more option – stylish shortie is an obvious choice. This shortie is embellished with ruffles and has a lovely bird printing. In the middle there is a nice pink ribbon which makes the item even cuter. Of course, there are poppers between the legs for easy putting on and off the clothes. Warm summer days won’t do without amazing all-in-all outfits.


Hurry up and you won’t miss Balloon Chic outlet already this summer. Making happy is what we do

BALLOON CHIC White Cotton Lace Dress with BowsBALLOON CHIC White & Red Textured Cotton Dress with BowBALLOON CHIC Girls Green, Blue & Pink Bow HairbandBALLOON CHIC White Cotton Rose Bud Baby Top & Knickers Set

Bringing passion for brightness this benchmark is always searching for new ideas. They combine various colors and hues and create a real masterpiece which is so loved by tots. Today this cool collection is flying off the shelves. No wonder. It is funky, but still very girlish and innocent. We hope that your daughter will like dresses, skirts, babysuits or hair accessories from this leading brand. Besides, to be on fashion is pleasure. Each girl will certainly feel confident when wearing bright and fitting outfit. For baby girls it is important to instill good taste and desire to stand against the crowd among other children.

Clothing under this label is as lightweight and bright as the balloon itself. This explains why it is so appreciated by little fashionistas. To be in the middle of attraction in a new outfit from Balloon Chic is quite simple.

Little angels love to spend much time outdoors, so let’s provide all necessary apparel for them and then we can be sure that kids feel comfortable and by the way very stylish. This adorable line of clothes for girls still has many options of adorable casual wear. Breathable and flexible clothes seem to be irreplaceable this summer. Sugary confection of hues is what each lady desperately wishes. Combinations of light pink, yellow and blue colors make each piece pf clothes subtle and coveted.

Many pieces are still available online. Let’s take a look at the row of items for our lovely princesses:

  • cotton floral shortie with birds
  • watermelon shortie in pink
  • spotty dresses ( white and blue) embellished with flowers
  • floral top and knickers set
  • set which includes cotton dress and cute hairband
  • 2 piece – pink tops and white leggings with floral pink printing
  • pink dress with a bow
  • dress with flowers with a matching handbag
  • blue handbag with bows
  • heart top and leggings set
  • cute ivory T-Shirt with flora patterns
  • cute pink dress with bloomers
  • patterned dress with white ruffles
  • a great many dresses with ruffled sleeves
  • coral dress with embellished with a rose
  • dress with yellow, green and purple crocus

All these pieces are beautiful and can be bought at a reasonable price. Here you can save from 5 to 20$. But sometimes it doesn’t matter how much the item costs. Child’s smile and happiness is the only thing that matters.

Full variety of colors and shapes is a simple way to an ideal look. Much enthusiasm and a huge blowback of company’s collaborators promoted an extremely fast development and success in the market of childrenswear. The company takes much pride in what they do. Meanwhile parents are happy for their little ones who now can spend much time outdoors even on the very hot days. Thanks to new innovative materials it is now possible to be on the street the whole eternity. Speaking of eternity, we would like to emphasize that Balloon Chic clothes for kids are long-lasting and thus will serve your little one a long while. When your child grows up you can pass all designers things to another generation.

This is OUTLEEEEET of Balloon Chic clothes! You’ll love it!
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