Shoes do play an important part when dressing up little ones. Parents know that footwear should be made of the best quality, otherwise it won’t work. Nowadays there is a good deal of designers who represent their collection almost every season. Today one can find absolutely everything at shops and boutiques. But the difference is that now it is possible to make purchases online.

Let’s get rid of commonplace and not qualitative shoes – get only high quality cool shoes for kids

DOLCE & GABBANA Baby Girls Black & Yellow Tulip Print Pre-WalkerEASY PEASY Tan Leather 'Meximoo' Pre-Walker Baby ShoesBOSS Boys Orange Nubuck Suede High-Top TrainersARMANI JUNIOR Boys Grey Suede Leather Trainers

Be sure that today is a good day as it will bring you many novelties from the world of fashion. Gathering together all modern day trends we represent you the collection of fantastic clothing for any taste. Do you mind designers providing your child the most fashionable yet comfortable footwear? Then let’s get started and plunge into our online boutique where there is place only for high quality shoes.

Babies deserve to have the best shoes and the finest clothing. While they are growing and developing they need a constant care and comfort. Only high quality items can manage to protect your child from outer irritants. Wonderful models of shoes are available from the best designers.

Cool shoes for kids were created by indisputable leaders in apparel industry –well-known designers represent their collections

RALPH LAUREN Navy Blue Pre-Walker High-Top TrainersMINI MELISSA Girls Pink 'Sugar' Rain Boots With Pink BowRALPH LAUREN Blue Boys Pre-Walker TrainersMAYORAL NEWBORN Ivory & Beige Striped Cotton Knitted Bootees

If you want to have stylish yet flexile and breathable footwear for your baby, then check out the list of all shoe kinds. Kids will be dazzled with this fascinating range of stylish shoes.

  1. Bootees – this kind of footwear is suitable for babies from 0 to 24 months and kids find them really comfortable. Made of the softest cotton they provide tenderness and round day care. They vary in styles and colors. Choose different models for boys and girls. They love it!
  2. Slippers & Indoor Shoes – were designed for little ones. They were just meant to be in the baby’s closet. For playing and walking indoors this kind of shoes is perfect. Made of pure fabrics and materials shoes slippers and indoor shoes were noted for being comfortable and soft. They provide warmth as they are extremely snug and cozy.
  3. Boots & Wellies – weather has no bad weather, but if it raining – don’t fret, because stylish and extremely fashionable wellies are ideal to play in the puddles. With cute design they are loved by little ones. Smart and functional shoes have always good demand.
  4. First walkers – these shoes are suitable for kids at the age from 0 – 36 months. With pebble grips they are ideal for first walkers and pre-walkers. Try this wonderful footwear!
  5. Occasion Shoes – they were made for special events. Many models are embroidered and emblazoned with bright crystals and stones. For boys there are a few smart models which make little gentlemen cute and elegant at once.
  6. Sandals – should always be in the closet. This kind of clothing is functional and practical. Boys and girls love it as it is comfortable. Little babies can spend a while wearing these amazing designer shoes.
  7. Trainers – these shoes were made special for football players. And it is not only boys concerned, girls will also get many sophisticated and rather cute models. Sport is life and lovely high quality trainers prove their perfection.
  8. Pre-walkers – this footwear is for children who have not learnt to walk yet, but with wearing such superb shoe it is rather simple to accomplish. Wearing this footwear girls and boys start walking very fast.

Cools shoes for kids promote quick learning to walk – get high quality footwear and you will see your child running and playing all around

SOPHIA WEBSTER MINI Girls Black & White 'Wily' Leather Ankle BootsTOD'S Pale Patent Pink Leather 'Gommini' Baby MoccasinsROBERTO CAVALLI Baby Boys Black Leather Brogue ShoesUGG AUSTRALIA Beige sparrow Boots

They were designed from different but equally high quality materials – leather and cotton. No matter where they are coming from – Italy or France – they are all beautiful in each detail. See from which designers your baby can have at least one pair of shoes:

  • Gucci
  • Armani
  • Calvin Klein
  • Fendi
  • Chloe
  • Christian Lacroix
  • Moschino
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Pediped
  • BOSS
  • Mini Melissa
  • Burberry etc.


Are you in search for brand new fashionable and extremely cool shoes for kids then start shopping right now!
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