School time is actually not the most favorite part of kids’ life, but with the new collection of designer footwear it will be more pleasant to attend school classes. Your child will be waiting with impatience for the day when he or she can show everybody a new exclusive pair of footwear. This is a rather good incentive to go to school and get knowledge. Your baby boy and girl will definitely enjoy the time there.

6 brands which your baby can take right to school and realize how comfortable and fashionable he is

The designers did a great job when created a few models of absolutely marvelous shoes for children. Each kid is feeling happy when it is time to revamp his wardrobe and provide some exclusive essentials. Well, shoes are one of them. Kids who have already seen this new range evaluated it appraisingly and wished they had such beautiful designer shoes.

 Here we want to show that school is not something unpleasant and bad. School is the brightest period of the childhood. Too bad that each of us understands it too late. Coming back to school is a big deal, actually, so everyone should get ready for it! Neat and smart clothing, polished shoes and the look is done. According to the poll, purchasing for school is the second biggest and expensive event during the year. Parents spend much money and effort to get everything prepared for this important day. And not only clothes they take care of, but stationary and different gadgets and gizmos, tool and so on. We are quite sure that with our help you will have less much less work to carry out.

High quality footwear is one of the most necessary and irreplaceable parts of the look. Each boy and girl should be provided with pairs of shoes for various occasions. For doing sports, for school or going out with mates there must be at least one high quality pair of shoes. Besides, it should be very convenient and with good-looking design. Only then your child will wear it carefully and will do his best in order not to damage it.

Well, good shoes are going to get a good share of parents’ wallets this year, we assume. Last year the number of footwear purchases was extremely high between the end of July and the middle of September. Parents are rushing from one stop to another to get the finest and exclusive pair of shoes for their little ones.

This year, there are not that many brands popping up, but still there may interest options to offer. Most our usual fashion players came and showed us some must haves for ‘back to school’.

Experts say that casual-athletic footwear is considered the most popular in the marketplace among the crowd who is looking for shoes for school. Well, it comes as no surprise, because these shoes are noted for:

  1. Comfort
  2. Functionality
  3. High quality
  4. Practicality
  5. Modern design

Take a good look at the number of brands and you may probably find what you needed for your little one

Such cool shoes will certainly do for boys who most of all prefer casual-athletic footwear. For girls the situation is getting tenser as there is a good deal of designs and models of shoes for little fashionistas – from elegant flats to beautiful sandals. Now we are ready to represent you these 6 brands which know for sure that your child is gonna be the most stylish at school.

  1. Nike

Nike (and Jordan Brand) for kids

Well, to start with, we represent you this well-known brand which is pretty rising in popularity not only among children, but among all people. Sneakers which are being produced under this label are extremely comfortable. There are suitable for doing sports and going to school. It is easy and very comfortable to move and to run. Such footwear is perfect for vivacious kids. Nike shoes are not only for boys. This brand singles out lines for both genders. Girls can find more colorful and bright designs. This brand is for those who prefer comfort.

  1. Vans

Vans for kids

‘Vans’ is the next brand which footwear is known in the biggest parts of the world. The company sold its first pair of shoes in 1966 and till now it has a big demand for pretty and high quality footwear for kids and adults. Check out new arrivals and get some pretty stylish pieces for boys and girls. Both 2 brands produce casual-athletic shoes, but they are so different in many ways – the design, form and color palette. It is up to you to select what you like the most. But there are still 4 more brands to come.

  1. Adidas

Adidas for kids

This company is so respected and famous that no one doubts its reputation. New models of the shoe you can finally see in a new breathtaking collection of July 2016. The pack of new and creative casual-athletic shoes is rather impressive. They are represented in many colors and styles. Original footwear is an obligatory attribute in the wardrobe of each person.

  1. Converse

Converse for kids

You must have heard about this brand as almost everybody has a pair of Converse shoes which are extremely popular for already a few seasons. This label has many copies around the world, but real Converse shoes can hardly be confused. High quality and solid soles can help your child step freely. High-top Converse footwear has the biggest demand right now. Why not try such amazing shoes which are suitable for all kids?

  1. Under Armor

Under Armour for kids

In fact, the name of this trademark speaks for itself. To wear such shoes means to be under armor – under protection. This footwear looks gorgeous and prestigious. Shoes can be worn for training or for casual wear. Thanks to a beautiful design and color palette shoes create a perfect impression on everyone who sees them.

  1. Steve Madden

Steve Madden for girls

Steve Madden introduces a special offer for girls which is trend now – luxury black sandals made of black suede. You should look at this fabulous footwear! It can be worn almost with everything! It is ideal for casual wear and not less fine for smart occasions. This trend is definitely worth you attention. Baby girls will surely fall in love in these sandals. With a matching dress and gentle accessories this can be a killing look.

Each season is bringing sweeping and rather drastic changes in fashion. Stay always face to face with fashion to look modern

Kids as well as adults like when clothes are dressy, clean and unique. There were so many incidents when people appeared at some party in the same dresses or very similar clothes. Someone can bear this ‘shame’ with dignity, but for some people it is a total disaster, actually. It can happen to everyone. Celebrities sometimes also suffer from the problem which is called ‘nothing to wear’. Today’s fashion is full of surprises for everyone. Each season brings some fashion events where even little children can take part. Fashion Weeks for kids has been recently held in India. This event brought the names of aspiring, but rather promising designer.

Many kids repeat habits of their parents, try to look like them. So almost each little girl wore mum’s dress and made a make up with help of mum’s lipstick or mascara. It stands to reason that parents bear a huge responsibility for kids. Let’s start with yourself and then it will get much easier to bring up little ones. We are not here to give you advice about how to raise kids. We want each modern day family to look fashionable and rather happy. Every dream has its right to exist, so let’s make all kids’ dreams come true.

To look beautiful it is not enough to put on brilliant expensive clothing, you should feel this way. And then your face will be shining like a star on the cloudless sky. Try to find peace deep down, believe in yourself and love how you look and only after that put on some attractive clothes and look in the mirrow. There you will see the most charming and fascinating person.

6 brands which are ideal for back to school time will completely change the view of the fashion word